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Adopt an Olive Tree in Italy

adotta un olivo2Adopt an olive tree in Italy for a year and you will receive a gift pack containing:

♦ A certificate of adoption with the name of the beneficiary.

♦ 2 bottles of Extra-virgin Olive Oil monocultivar Moriaolo (750 ml each bottle) produced from the harvest of your tree.

Adopt and olive tree and we will take care of it!

The adoption  entitles you to visit your tree in Umbria Italy (on request). The adoption also entitles you  to take part in olive picking (upon request).

certificatoFor only  32 Euros + delivery cost you can adopt an olive tree and receive a beautiful gift pack containing 2 bottles of olive oil produced by your tree and a personal certificate  of adoption directly at home.

olioExtravirgin Moraiolo Oil is one of Italy’s most precious olive oils. It is extracted from olives which are carefully picked by hand. It has an intense and elegant taste and can be used on all types of soups, vegetables, salads and bruschetta. It also has a hight content of polifenoli and antioxidants which help to protect the cardiovascular system.

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How does it work?

After we receive your payment, we will send you a receipt and certificate of adoption with the name of the beneficiary in PDF format. This certificate can be saved in your computer and printed out as many times as you like.

The adoption of an olive tree has 1 year validity starting from January 1st, 2021 and entitles you to:

2 bottles of Extravirgin Moraiolo Olive Oil (750ml each bottle) produced from your olive tree’s fruits. The Oil will be sent directly to you (or to the benficiary indicated) within one month from the olive harvest (usually between October and December).

A certificate of adoption with the name of the beneficiary in PDF format.

A certificate of adoption in pergamena will be sent together with the bottles of oil in an elegant gift pack

The beneficiary is also entitled to:

visit his Olive tree in Italy (with 30 days notice).

Take part in the olive picking in Italy (with 30 days notice).

request information on the tree.

request to recieve a photo of the plant by email.

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